Institutional Biosafety Committee

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  IBC Protocol Submission Forms:

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Miscellaneous Forms:

Transgenic Core Registration Form

Instructions for using the transgenic/knock-out registration form:

  1. Principal investigator fills out registration form and turns it in to the core facility along with their animal order,
  2. Core facility will, in turn, forward that registration form to the IBC Office (,
  3. IBC office will ensure that an approved IBC protocol is in place or one is at least currently pending,
  4. Once compliance is assured, IBC office will sign the registration form and return it to the core facility representative, and
  5. Transgenic animal order may move forward.

Contact the Institutional Biosafety Committee

The Indiana University Institutional Biosafety Office provides support to all IU campuses and maintains a physical office in Bloomington. Contact the IBC Office at or 812-855-0656. You may also schedule an in-person meeting at a campus location convenient to you