Proposal Routing & Submission

Routing external funding documents

Indiana University requires that all sponsored project proposals be reviewed prior to submission to the sponsor. At IU, approval is obtained using a Kuali Coeus Proposal Development document. Kuali Coeus (KC) is a comprehensive electronic award management system in use at many universities.

If you have an internal funding submission, please visit Infoready.

What must be routed?

  • New proposals, including projects transferring to IU, and resubmissions
  • Competing renewal/continuation proposals
  • Supplemental funds
  • Budget revisions that increase cost share
  • Change of project director or co-project director
  • Cost Share Only proposals for Federal/Federal Pass Through projects
Read the IU policy on Routing of Sponsored Programs DocumentsLearn to prepare a Kuali Coeus (KC) Proposal Development Document

Who can help?

  • The KC Proposal Development document will be created by your department or by the Office for Research Administration (ORA).
  • Identify the person in your unit who can assist you with the budget, justification, and administrative components of your proposal.
  • If you do not have a contact within your unit to assist with routing a Proposal Development Document through the Kuali Coeus Grants system, please request assistance by submitting a ORA Proposal Assistance Form.
  • Once the Proposal Development Document or ORA Proposal Assistance Form is received by ORA, a Grant Services Administrator will be assigned as your point of contact or we will redirect you to the correct departmental staff person
  • If you are applying to a corporation or foundation for funding, IU's Corporate and Foundation Relations team can review your proposal before it is routed to provide feedback or additional information specific to the organization from which you're seeking funding. This can help make your final proposal more competitive and avoid unexpected delays or barriers that may arise with a particular funding organization.

How long does routing take?

  • Proposals must be submitted by 9 a.m. four (4) business days before the funding sponsor’s deadline.
  • Build your proposal timeline to allow adequate time for review and approval.
  • Allow additional time for complex proposals such as collaborations, cost-share, or subawards.
Read the IU policy on Sponsored Research Programs: Internal Submission Deadlines

How is my proposal submitted after routing?

  • Your submitted KC document will route to co-PIs, your unit’s chair or director, the dean and other appropriate administrative officials for approval.
  • Projects that include personnel from more than one unit or campus require approvals of all associated parties.
  • After the KC Proposal Development document has been routed and approved, the Office for Research Administration completes the final review, signs, and submits your proposal.
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