Innovation & Commercialization

Bringing your research to light

Your hard work has paid off—you made a discovery or invented a product that has significance in your field. Now what?

Start by reviewing the university’s intellectual property policy to understand how your work will be credited, patented, and copyrighted.

Then, contact the IU Innovation and Commercialization Office to determine whether it is in your best interest to publish your research, share your software as open source technology, or explore the commercial potential of your invention.

Why commercialize your idea?

Important discoveries shouldn’t be confined to academic journals and conferences. If there is a pressing societal need or demand that is met by your research, commercialization brings it to the attention of companies and investors with the resources to bring it to the market. You can begin the commercialization process by submitting an invention disclosure to ICO.

Learn about the commercialization process

Share your research. Change the world.

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Bonnie Blazer-Yost
Samer Abu-Sultaneh

Bringing your discovery to market

After you have gone through the process of disclosing, evaluating, and protecting your discovery, there are several possible next steps to bring the discovery to market. Some innovations are better served by licensing the discovery to an outside business with established research and development, marketing, and sales teams. Other innovations are best developed by entrepreneurs through licensing the intellectual property to a startup company.

Take your research to the next level