Engaging Corporations & Foundations

Engaging with Corporations and Foundations

Requesting funding from a corporation or foundation often requires an approach that may include following specific guidelines or making an individual connection within the organization. IU's corporate and foundation relations staff are available to help navigate these unique and varied funding pathways.

Foundation Engagement

We can support you in connecting with private foundations through finding the right individual within the organization to contact or determining how to structure a letter of inquiry appropriately for a particular foundation. Additionally, CFR can help determine whether your project or research is well-aligned with a particular foundation’s priorities and goals.

For more information on the process of engaging foundations and how CFR can assist you, please visit our website: https:/cfr.iu.edu/

Corporate Engagement

For corporations, it is often unclear how to request funding or with whom to initiate contact. CFR can help identify individuals within the corporation and make the initial outreach to determine how to work with the organization and how to submit a funding request. For example, multiple conversations may be necessary with experts within the company to determine common goals and methods. Additionally, the corporate relations team can assist you in exploring the different ways corporations partner with and support universities.