Pre-Award Requests from Sponsors

Providing more information to award sponsors

Before making an award, a sponsor may request additional information and documents. The National Institutes of Health calls these Just-In-Time (JIT) requests. Other sponsors do not use the JIT designation but still may request additional information. A wide variety of items may be requested such as:

  • Revised budget for a reduced award
  • Revised project scope or budget impact statement for large budget reductions
  • Representations and certifications
  • Institutional Review Board approvals
  • Other research risk approvals
  • Human subjects training certification
  • Subrecipient commitment form
  • Public award abstract
  • Other support updates

You must review such requests for additional information carefully for a deadline date. The turnaround time is frequently short. Requested technical information can be sent directly by you to the sponsor.

However, IU's Office of Research Administration should be involved in revised budgets and other administrative items (e.g. representations and certifications, subrecipient commitment form). You will need to work directly with the appropriate compliance office for risk approval documents (e.g. IRB).


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