IU Innovators

What is technology commercialization, and why should I pursue it?

Important discoveries shouldn’t be confined to academic journals and conferences. Technology commercialization moves university knowledge and discoveries to the public. If there is a pressing societal need or demand met by your research, commercialization brings it to the attention of companies and investors with the resources to bring it to the market.

The IU Innovation and Commercialization Office (ICO) is available to all IU faculty, students, and staff to navigate the technology protection and commercialization process.

We collaborate with IU innovators to:

  • Evaluate commercial potential - market size and potential applications of research.
  • Review patents and literature - identify prior art.
  • Define development plan - identify and access resources.
  • Market the technology to potential customers - existing companies, entrepreneurs, investors.
  • Provide startup resources, mentorship and networking opportunities.
  • Support training and educational programs.
  • Provide support for open source or creative commons licenses.