Funding & Proposals

Finding and requesting funding

Funding gives you the financial freedom to do high-impact research and creative work. The funding you receive likely will determine the length of your project, the size of your team, and the equipment available to you.

You can apply for internal funding or external funding. Be aware that some external agencies set a limit on the number of proposals or pre-proposals an institution may submit. In those cases, you must follow IU’s limited submission process before applying.

Routing your proposal for approval

If you are applying for external funding, you must route your proposal for internal approval. An electronic routing form is required for any of the following:

  • New proposals and resubmissions
  • Pre-proposals requiring a detailed budget and/or signature from an authorizing official
  • Competing renewal or continuation proposals
  • Supplemental funds requests
  • Budget revisions involving an increase in cost share
  • Change of project director or co-project director
Learn how to route and submit your proposal