Sponsored Award Agreements

Award receipt

Awards in all their various forms (e.g. Notice of Grant Award, letter, agreement) are normally received by ORA. If an award is sent directly to you, please forward it to ORA at iuaward@iu.edu for review and acceptance.

Award review

ORA is responsible for the review and negotiation of all awards received from external sponsors. Here is a sampling of items that are reviewed on behalf of you and Indiana University:

  • Adequate work statement
  • Appropriate time period
  • Budget amount and awarded amount
  • Cash flow
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Protection of faculty and students right to publish
  • Other fiscal and legal concerns

As the principal investigator/project director, you may be asked to review the agreement to ensure the statement of work in the agreement is accurate. If the amount of the award does not match the approved budget submitted with the proposal, you will be asked to prepare a revised budget. An ORA contract officer may consult with you about additional terms that require your approval.