Awards & Agreements

Your sponsored projects and research agreements

All research grants, contracts, and other research agreements with Indiana University must be reviewed to ensure that the terms and conditions are acceptable and that researchers’ rights are protected.

During the review process, you may be asked to approve or clarify information, answer questions, or revise budgets. After the award is finalized and the IU account is established, the account project director, account manager, and account supervisor will receive an IU award summary. The summary includes a link to Grants Management Toolkit (GMT) where the award can be retrieved.

Research administration staff will monitor your account throughout the lifespan of your research project; however, you and your fiscal officer have primary responsibility for reviewing and complying with all terms and conditions of the award.

Direct agreements and payments

The Office for Research Administration has decades of experience dealing with agencies to negotiate fair and reasonable terms and to bring those agreements to fruition. If you receive an agreement or check directly from an agency, please do not accept, cash, or deposit it yourself. Please forward all agreements and checks to the Office for Research Administration.

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