New Protocols

Creating a new Institutional Biosafety Committee protocol

If you are using recombinant DNA (rDNA) or synthetic nucleic acid molecules, regardless of Biosafety Level, for research or teaching purposes at Indiana University, you are required to submit an Institutional Biosafety Committee protocol for review. If you are using non-recombinant biological materials at Biosafety Level 2 or higher for research or teaching purposes at IU, you are also required to submit a protocol for review.

A protocol is a detailed set of activities for the project you’re proposing, supported by evidence from other research and from preliminary investigations. A complete protocol must be submitted to, reviewed by, and, in most cases, approved by the Institutional Biosafety Committee before work can begin.

What do you need to do to prepare a new IBC submission?

Prior to submitting a new protocol to the Institutional Biosafety Committee, you should:

  • Download the protocol submission form. Forms are updated periodically. Always download a new form when submitting a new protocol. Old versions of submission forms will not be accepted.
  • Complete and submit your protocol submission form. When submitting your protocol to the Institutional Biosafety Committee, all forms must come from the principal investigator’s email address or from a designated contact with the principal investigator copied on the email. Send all files to your campus committee address:
  • Complete required training. Ensure that you and all personnel listed on your protocol are up to date on the appropriate required training.

Who is responsible for what?

Both you, as a principal investigator, and the IBC have specific responsibilities in identifying and addressing biosafety concerns throughout the research process.

The following individuals may serve as a principal investigator on an IBC protocol:

  • professor with an official faculty position
  • lecturer
  • emeritus professor
  • various clinical professors
  • various scholars/scientists
  • additional titles if given PI status by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research for the purpose of obtaining external grant support
View the IBC Principal Investigator Policy

Need help submitting your protocol?

Contact the Institutional Biosafety Committee Office at 812-855-0656 or send an email to your campus committee address: