Annual Review

Understanding the reviews your protocol requires

All previously approved research and teaching protocols at IU require an annual review to assess any changes that have been made during the previous year. This review also verifies that all work has been conducted in accordance with the approved protocol. An Institutional Biosafety Committee annual review must be submitted during the month in which your initial protocol was approved.
Annual reviews should be submitted by using the “Renew and Amend” action on your IBC protocol in Kuali Protocols. If no changes are being made at the time of your annual review, please note “No changes” in the amendment form on Kuali Protocols. Reference the Quick guide for researchers and the IBC crosswalk in preparation for your annual review submission.
The final approval of your annual review is dependent on the completion of required training for all personnel listed on your protocol.


Contact the Institutional Biosafety Committee

The Indiana University Institutional Biosafety Committee Office provides support to all IU campuses. Contact the IBC Office at or 812-855-0656. You may also schedule a virtual meeting with a member of the IBC Office.