Expanding knowledge and creativity at IU and beyond

Indiana University is a multi-campus, multifaceted research institution with world-class academic programs, and the nation’s largest medical school, the IU School of Medicine.

Supported by research leadership, administration, and partners around the state, IU faculty and their teams carry out research studies, experiments, and creative activities that make sense of the world around us.

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Scientists looking at genetic structure.
Person pointing at an x-ray of a brain.
People drilling a hole in ice.

IU research: the next five years

Indiana University has been one of the nation’s premier research universities for nearly 200 years, and we approach our bicentennial with a foundation of broad and deep research achievements. The Vice President for Research Office has developed major strategic actions to take over the next five years:

  • Increase research and scholarship. Increase external funding and other support for research and scholarship in all areas of inquiry, and ensure that these activities are strongly supported both academically and administratively.
  • Stimulate the arts and humanities. Expand and enhance IU’s renowned traditions in the creative arts that enrich the lives of Hoosiers and reach around the globe.
  • A commitment to outstanding professional education and research. Build on IU’s superb professional education programs to continue to meet the present and emerging needs of Indiana, the nation, and the world.
  • Expand intercampus collaboration. Leverage the combined intellectual resources of the IU campuses through broad-based, interdisciplinary research and other collaborations internally and externally.

IU researchers are making discoveries every day.

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