Complete a Disclosure

Completing and submitting disclosures

Anyone responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of research or sponsored programs at Indiana University—including principal investigators, project directors, consultants, students, non-paid volunteers, and others—must complete an annual research-related conflict of interest disclosure form.

Complete a research-related conflict of interest disclosure form

Your research need not be funded for you to be considered an investigator. It is up to you to determine which of your research project personnel have responsibility for designing, collecting, or reporting research and are thus required to complete an annual research-related financial interest disclosure form.

What has to be disclosed?

Generally, interests and income that are valued at more $5,000 must be disclosed, as well as any ownership interest in privately held businesses, no matter what the value. For these purposes, you must combine your interests plus the interests of your spouse and dependent children. Certain limited exceptions apply. Please carefully review the form’s questions and instructions as well as the accompanying information about the policy included as part of the disclosure form.

When do disclosures have to happen?

The research-related conflict of interest disclosure must be completed annually, and within 30 days of a change in interest or when new interests occur; including reimbursed or sponsored travel. Changes to financial interest include, but are not limited to:

  • A new significant financial interest
  • Change in the type of financial interest (i.e. reduction in stock, additional compensation)
  • Elimination of financial interest

How do I submit or update a disclosure?

IU uses the Kuali Conflict of Interest disclosure system. This system allows researchers to submit and update their annual research-related conflict of interest (COI) disclosure form and disclose any new financial interests. After your first submission, you will receive automated email reminders from Kuali COI 30 days prior to your disclosure expiration date, based on your last date of approval.

If you do not have an IU Username, submit your annual disclosure using the manual Disclosure Form.

Submit or update your annual disclosure via Kuali COI

Need help?

If you have any questions about the Kuali COI system or process, please contact the COI Office by phone at 812-856-1706 or email at