Renewals & Protocol Closure

Renewing or closing an Institutional Biosafety Committee protocol

Your protocol must be renewed every five years. If you choose to terminate your protocol, you may do that at any time.

Five-year renewals

Institutional Biosafety Committee protocols are approved for five years. At the end of that period, your protocol will be rereviewed and approved by the IBC. Your renewal must be submitted during the month in which your original protocol was approved. The submission process is the same as the annual renewal process.

Learn about the review process

Protocol termination and closure

You may terminate an IBC protocol at any time, although notification of research termination is usually given at the time of annual review or five-year renewal. If previously approved research has been completed, you may send an email to your campus committee address, stating that the work covered by your protocol has been completed and that it may be terminated. Your IBC protocol number must be referenced in the email. If the email is being sent by a lab manager, postdoc, graduate student, or any other alternate contact, then the principal investigator must be copied on the notification email.

Contact the Institutional Biosafety Committee

The Indiana University Institutional Biosafety Office provides support to all IU campuses and maintains a physical office in Bloomington. Contact the IBC Office at or 812-855-0656. You may also schedule an in-person meeting at a campus location convenient to you