Animal facility inspections

By law, at least once every six months, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee inspects animal facilities and satellite facilities—including rooms, lab areas, enclosures, and vehicles where animals are kept or transported.

Inspections vary by institution and facility. In general, the committee will evaluate:

  • Appropriateness of facilities, personnel, and equipment to provide adequate veterinary care to animals
  • Cleanliness of facilities, lab areas, and equipment
  • Safety of areas for personnel and evaluation of potential hazards
  • Conditions of the animals
  • Personnel training records
  • Adherence to aseptic techniques
  • Understanding of anesthesia monitoring and post-operative care
  • Records for surgery, anesthesia, and post-operative care
  • Euthanasia practices
  • Storage and expiration date of pharmaceuticals, including related records
  • Animal husbandry

You will receive an email outlining any deficiencies and the timeline for correcting them. If a significant deficiency is not corrected within the timeline, the deficiency is reported to the appropriate federal agency, grant agency, and institutional official.

Posting requirements

The principal investigator must post the following in their lab:

  • An emergency contact list of personnel familiar with the protocols
  • Reporting Concerns About Animal Care and Use Posting
  • Occupational Health and Safety Posting