No Cost Extensions & Sponsor Prior Approvals

Modifying or adding time to your sponsored project

The period of performance for your project is established in the sponsor award agreement. If additional time is needed to complete the work approved in the award agreement, you can request an extension of the project period beyond the original end date. This is known as a no cost extension.

It may also become necessary to modify other aspects of your original award during the life of the project. The university has the authority to grant some approvals, but others require prior approval from the sponsor.

Requesting a no cost extension

  • Begin the process by reviewing your award document for instructions. Who should receive the request and how is it submitted? Is a sponsor electronic system used, or is email the mechanism for submission?
  • Generally a written request is submitted outlining the need for additional time to complete the project aims.
  • All extension requests should go to the Office of Research Administration for review and submission to the sponsor.
  • Consult the IU policy on Overdrafts, Bad Debts and Audit Disallowances on Sponsored Programs to determine if a request requires routing with a Kuali Coeus Proposal Development document. Whether or not a KC document is required, the Office of Research Administration must review, sign, and submit the request to the sponsor. Your grant administrator can help you with the process.

Approvals for other project changes

During the course of your project, other necessary changes may also require sponsor approval. The process for obtaining approval is the same as for no cost extensions. Examples of other changes include:

  • Change in project scope or objective
  • Carry-forward of unexpended balances to subsequent funding year
  • Change in the principal investigator/project director specified in the award
  • No cost extension request greater than 12 months
  • Subawarding, or transferring out any work under a federal award
  • Transfer of funds for participant support costs to another category
  • Disengagement from the project for more than three months, or a 25 percent reduction in time devoted to the project by the approved principal investigator/project director

Federal Guide to prior approval requirements

Multiple federal agencies (NSF, DOE, NIH, USDA, DOC, and NASA) participate in the Federal Demonstration Partnership that has developed a Prior Approval Matrix as a guide to prior approval requirements.