Resolving Conflicts

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IU policy requires a disclosure form to be submitted to the Conflict of Interest Office annually and within 30 days of new or changed significant financial interests. Changes and/or a new interest must be reported to comply with IU policy and to allow for accurate and up-to-date management plans.

It is important to disclose significant financial interest in publications and presentations to maintain a level of integrity and transparency in research reporting.

Investigators share an obligation to identify and, when possible, avoid financial conflicts of interest. When conflicts cannot be avoided, investigators must disclose outside financial relationships that create, or reasonably appear to create, conflicts of interest, and work with university officials to manage or resolve those conflicts.

Yes. Students and postdoctoral fellows may be involved in your research, even if the research reasonably would appear to affect the interest of the managed outside interest.

While students are allowed to work for faculty members’ outside companies, the Conflict of Interest Committee must ensure that the student is protected from any undue bias and inappropriate pressure from researchers. Before beginning employment with a faculty member’s outside company, the student, and the faculty member and the faculty member’s unit head, must sign an Agreement Regarding Graduate and Undergraduate Student Employment in Faculty Business Venture.

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