Our Process

The steps below outline the general path for an IU faculty and/or student start-up at IU.

  • Contact your Commercialization Manager or email us at
  • Complete and submit your New Business Disclosure Form.
  • Review new business idea with case manager.
  • Disclose all related intellectual property (if applicable).

  • Complete and submit the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form
  • Meet with your research administration case manager to review your case
  • Wait for approval from the Trustees of Indiana University (reflected in meeting minutes)
  • Obtain a Letter of Approval from research administration
  • Obtain a Management Plan from research administration
  • Sign Management Plan
  • Resubmit the Conflict of Interest Disclosure form annually

Contact: Office of Research Compliance - Sherry Oswald, Eric Swan
Conflicts of interest, and how to manage them

IU Bloomington and Regional Campuses:
Conflict of Interest Administrator at or (812) 855-0516

IUPUI and Columbus:
Conflict of Interest Administrator at or (317) 274-7307
Estimated time for completion: 3 Months

  • Obtain outside legal counsel, as appropriate
  • File Articles of Incorporation (templates available from ICO)
  • Define Operating Agreement or Corporate Bylaws, as necessary

Contact us: ICO at (317) 278-4100 or email us at

  • Send an email to ICO stating your intentions to license specific IP
  • If possible, engage a third party officer or agent to negotiate the License or Option Agreement on the companies behalf (IU would prefer not to negotiate a License or Option agreement with a university employee)
  • Conduct introductory meeting with Commercialization Manager
  • Negotiate a term sheet for the Option or License Agreement
  • Negotiate and execute a full Option or License Agreement

Contact us: ICO at (317) 278-4100 or email us at email

Contact an Innovation and Commercialization Manager


ICO can provide an introduction to local Insurance providers.

IU’s Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims may be able to provide referrals. 

  • Subcontract through research agreement – provides option to license improvements
  • If need to lease research space –
    • Indiana Center for Biomedical Innovation (ICBI)
    • 16 Tech
    • Dimension Mill
    • On campus - Contact your department head to explore option to lease space on campus and identify the space of interest and see if it is available. Less likely option as research space is at a premium.  Once space is identified contact your commercialization manager for appropriate contact in IU Real Estate Office
    • Review issues related to ordering chemicals

  • Use of university resources
  • Preferential use of University facilities
  • Timeline for graduating from university facilities
  • Insurance: IU office of Risk Management, assist faculty with insurance
  • Private use of Public resources rules
  • Dept and Dean oversight of students engaged with your research program and use of leased space, if any
  • ICO will conduct an internal review for any Intellectual Property issues related to the company prior to recommending the company to the Conflict of Interest board.
  • Document describing role of faculty in Start-up Company
  • State Conflicts, Federal Conflicts, University Research Conflicts