School of Medicine Applications & Forms

Submit a protocol application to the School of Medicine IACUC

If you are involved with animal research or teaching activities at the IU School of Medicine, you must submit a protocol application to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee using the submission guidelines and forms on this page.

All participants listed on the protocol must also complete required animal care and use training prior to protocol approval.

Submission guidelines

  • Download and complete all necessary forms from the list below.
  • The Core Protocol Application and Supplement-Protocol Associate are required for all applications.
  • For specific animal procedures, use the procedures checklist (on page 2 of the Core Protocol Application), then complete the corresponding animal procedure forms in sections D01–D16.
  • If this is a breeding protocol, please also submit the Breeding Form.
  • Use of biohazardous materials, toxins, or recombinant DNA in animals requires approval by the Institutional Biosafety Committee.
  • Depending on your protocol, you may need to complete related forms or refer to the supporting documentation, also listed below.
  • Forms are updated periodically. Always download a new form when submitting a new protocol. Previous versions of submission forms will not be accepted.
  • Send all completed files to
  • The email must come from the principal investigator’s email address.

The IACUC office will combine the Core Protocol Application and the animal procedure sections into one document. The Supplement-Protocol Associate will remain a separate file. The goal is that you will not have unneeded sections in your protocol, making the protocol both shorter in length and quicker to complete.

Approved protocols will remain active for three years. At the end of that period, a new protocol application form must be completed and submitted as a new protocol. The new protocol must be on file and approved before the three-year expiration date of the expiring protocol.

To make changes to your approved protocol, track your changes on Microsoft Word and email the edited protocol back to the IACUC administrator.

Need to know more?

If you have questions about the protocol application process, you are welcome to stop by the IACUC office at any time. Alternatively, you may call 317-278-1826 or email to schedule an appointment. IACUC office hours are Monday–Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.