Animal Care & Use

Bloomington training requirements

  1. Complete basic online training and test modules from the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI). Required courses include species-specific modules appropriate to the study (e.g., frogs, mice, rats).
  2. CITI training is valid for five years. At the end of the five-year expiration, all personnel will be required to re-take the CITI training.
  3. Complete the IU Animal Researcher Survey and receive clearance to work with animals from IU Health Systems. If medical clearance is not confirmed within seven business days of submitting the survey, contact the administrator at
  4. Complete training in basic aseptic surgical techniques with an IU Bloomington veterinarian. To schedule surgery training, contact the clinical veterinarian, at or 812-855-2356.

Exemptions: Principal investigators and postdoctoral fellows may petition for a surgery training waiver. If you feel that you are qualified to perform surgeries without further training, email with a detailed account of your experience in aseptic surgery, including species used. The committee will review your waiver request and notify you of the outcome via email within two weeks. Graduate and undergraduate students who will participate in surgeries must complete the training and may not petition for a surgery training waiver.