Animal Care & Use - Indianapolis

Submission to the IACUC

The Indianapolis IACUC protocol form is designed to include the required Core protocol application with a Protocol Associate (PA) Supplement form. In the Procedures Check List section (A02) of the Core protocol, please check the specific animal procedures which apply to your protocol. You will need to then complete the corresponding Animal Procedure "D" section(s) as separate file(s). Once the Core, Animal Procedure section(s), and PA Supplement are completed, send all files to The IACUC office will combine the Core and separate Animal Procedure section(s) into one document. The PA Supplement will remain a separate file. The goal of this organization is to ensure that you will not have unneeded sections in your protocol, thus making the protocol both shorter in length and quicker to complete.

  • The IACUC office staff will perform an IACUC Administrative pre-review of the new submission (this is not a scientific review) before the protocol goes into the IACUC Committee Review process.
  • Protocols are assigned to the IACUC Committee on weekly basis, every Tuesday and Friday. You will be notified (email) when your protocol has begun the review process.
  • If you need to work with biohazardous materials, toxins, or recombinant DNA in animals be sure to visit the IBC compliance page.
  • When you are ready to start writing your first IACUC protocol, contact the IACUC Office at We can put you in contact with one of our current IACUC members who work with new PI's to help with the first submission.

Forms and Training

  • The protocol forms are available in the IACUC Google at IU Secure Storage. Only the PIs with currently approved protocols have been given access to the IACUC BOX site. PIs will need to log in with their IU credentials to access the forms. If others in your lab need access to the protocol form, please contact Megan Losh at to request permission for them to gain access to the IACUC Google at IU Secure Storage.
  • Training – All SOM investigators and research staff are required to complete trainings and pass tests covering core areas. Additional test modules are required depending on the species and techniques used by the personnel. Review and complete the Indianapolis IACUC training requirements. If you have already completed CITI training modules at your current institution, please take the steps to affiliate with IU outlined in CITI training at IU so we can determine what, if any additional, training is needed.
  • You will also need to take the IU School of Medicine Occupational Health for IU. It is an easy online system. It's better to do this when you have an IU network ID, so no rush to get this done until you are here at IU or have an IU network ID. However, this will have to be done before the protocols are approved.
  • If performing gas anesthesia go to the Protect IU's Anesthetic Gas Safety Program (IUEHS-9).
  • To learn more, visit the IUSM Laboratory Animal Resource Center's webpage.

Contact someone about animal care and use

If you have questions about the animal care and use protocol application process, need access to forms, inspections, policies, or guidelines, you are welcome to stop by the IACUC office at any time. Alternatively, you may call (317) 278-1826 or email to schedule an appointment. IACUC office hours are Monday–Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.