Establishing an IUPUI Center or Institute

How to apply

The establishment of centers/institutes at IUPUI is governed by the IU Policy. An application to establish a research center or institute at IUPUI must contain the following information:

  1. Brief background statement (one paragraph)
  2. Name of proposed center/institute
  3. Primary school with which the center/institute will be associated
  4. Clear identification of the relationship of the center/institute administrative structure to the responsible school or campus
  5. Administrative location of the proposed center/institute
  6. Center/institute director's name
  7. Names of participating faculty including their department, academic rank, and percent effort on the center/institute
  8. Names of other participating personnel, both full-time and part-time
  9. A strategic plan that includes a mission statement, fully articulated goals, and a three-year plan for achieving those goals. Keep narrative to a minimum using charts, diagrams or lists when possible. (Two pages)
  10. Unique aspects of the proposed center/institute when compared with other centers/institutes in similar areas
  11. Center/institute activities now in existence
  12. Interdisciplinary aspects of the center/institute and potential for collaboration with other centers/institutes
  13. If the proposed center/institute is currently funded, include amount of internal (campus) funding per year (direct cost) and funding mechanism. If there are multiple funding sources, please specify percent by source and amount of external funding per year (direct cost) and funding agency. If there are multiple funding sources, please specify percent by source.
  14. Space and support services currently available for the proposed center/institute
  15. A three-year budget including personnel, equipment, supplies and facilities. Use the PHS 398 budget form. Items that do not apply to your center/institute should be marked not applicable. Anticipated source and amount of funding available for the center/institute over the proposed three-year budget period. Probable future funding sources.
  16. Plans for the center/institute and its resources if expected future funding does not materialize in sufficient amounts to sustain the program
  17. Letters of support from the deans of all the schools participating in the proposed center/institute and up to six letters from other relevant parties if appropriate
  18. Biosketch for the director and other individuals responsible for administration of the proposed center/institute. Use the NIH Biographical Sketch Form

Supplemental information (excerpts from planning documents, external proposals, etc.) may be appended. The application should be emailed to Assistant to the Vice Chancellor in OVCR. Approval, if granted, will be for three years with a review of performance at the end of three years.


Assistant to the Vice Chancellor
Sue Cassidy