Export Control

Complying with U.S. export laws and regulations

To promote national security interests and foreign policy objectives, the U.S. government regulates the transfer of items, information, commodities, technology, and software outside of the U.S. and to foreign persons within the U.S. Such a transfer, called an export, includes oral, written, electronic or visual disclosure; physical shipment; hand-carrying items while traveling; and providing technical assistance.

Export regulations may also affect:

  • collaborations with international research partners
  • how you disseminate research results
  • travel abroad for teaching and research purposes
  • purchasing and procurement transactions with restricted countries and restricted end users

Resources and training

If you have any questions about the export or use of equipment and technologies, the resources listed below may help:

Contact IU's Export Control Office

Contact IU's Export Control Office at export@iu.edu. You may also schedule an in-person meeting at a campus location convenient for you.