When to Contact the Export Control Office

When to contact the Export Control Office

To further understand how export controls affect you and IU, please contact IU's Export Control Specialist or explore the Export Control web pages, particularly when:

  • Traveling outside of the United States on university business with IU equipment
  • Traveling outside of the United States to a country/region with comprehensive sanctions. Currently, these include:
    1. Crimea Region of the Ukraine
    2. Cuba
    3. Iran
    4. North Korea
    5. Syria
  • Hosting foreign persons from sanctioned or embargoed countries
  • Collaborating with a researcher or institution outside of the U.S., especially when that collaboration involves individuals or institutions from a sanctioned country or when sensitive information or equipment may be shared
  • Exporting/shipping items internationally
  • Involved in a project/research with restrictions or limitations on publication, dissemination, proprietary information (e.g., confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements), or foreign person participation—for example, if a project requires that participants be U.S. citizens or that all foreign persons be screened and approved by a non-IU entity
  • Involved in a project/research related to military; space-related information; nuclear, chemical, and/or biological weaponry; missiles; unmanned vehicles; encryption technologies, or other items listed on the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) U.S. Munitions List
  • Performing work under an RFP/Agreement/Contract that is marked "Export Controlled" or includes export control provisions
  • You suspect a violation of export control laws or regulations has occurred

Contact IU's Export Control Office

Contact IU's Export Control Office at export@iu.edu. You may also schedule an in-person meeting at a campus location convenient for you.