Kuali Coeus Grants

Quick Start Guides are documents that provide a brief overview of functionality. The guides are often used as a quick reference point or cheat sheet.

Quick Start Guides
Quick Start Guide:Guide Details:Release Date:
Proposal Routing in Kuali Coeus Grants6 pages09-21-2021
(Accessible 10/19/21)
Non-Routed Administrative Request in Kuali Coeus Grants3 pages06-28-2021
(Accessible 07/22/21)
Approver View for Routing and Approval4 pages05-07-2021
(Accessible 05/27/21)
Proposal Routing for Commercial Clinical Trials in Kuali Coeus Grants1 page09-21-2021
(Accessible 10/19/21)
Creating a New Address Book Entry in Kuali Coeus (KC)1 page02-17-2021
(Accessible 02/18/21)