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Joint Public Lecture: Indianapolis

Reducing Burden for Researchers and Advancing Research Ethics: Is It A Tradeoff?
Public Lecture with Association of American Medical Colleges Regulatory Counsel is hosted by the Office of Research Compliance and Indiana CTSI


March 3, 2020 4-5:30PM
Hine Hall Auditorium

Heather Pierce is the Senior Director for Science Policy and Regulatory Counsel for the Association of American Medical Colleges, where she is the subject matter expert for issues related to the regulation of science and research, as well as interactions between industry, academia, and government. In a public lecture, she will discuss whether recent welcome efforts to reduce burden for researchers may be in conflict with a growing emphasis on transparency, research integrity, and research security. From headline reports on researchers' failure to disclose financial interests to concerns about the integrity and reproducibility of research, animal welfare, and human subject protection, external pressures on universities and researchers seem to be increasing.  In this tension between a national commitment to decreasing burden and calls for more reporting, more transparency, and more accountability, where does that leave the academic research enterprise?