Radiation Safety Training Requirements

Bloomington training requirements

To use radioactive material:

  1. Attend a Radiation Safety Orientation by the radiation safety officer.
  2. Complete online training on radiation safety procedures.
  3. Read the IU Radiation Safety Manual and other written materials provided.
  4. Pass a written exam.
  5. Complete an in-lab performance review of laboratory safety procedures.

To use analytical x-ray devices:

  1. Complete online Radiation Safety Training.
  2. Read the Radiation Safety Guide for Users of Analytical X-Ray Systems.
  3. Review safe operating procedures with the principal investigator and/or lab manager.
  4. Complete an X-Ray Safety Exam and Form XS-2. Forward both forms to the Radiation Safety Office.
  5. For users of non-enclosed open beam systems, complete an on-site review of safety procedures with the radiation safety officer and obtain a ring dosimeter.

To use particle accelerators:

  1. Complete a new visitor registration form and take online safety training sessions through the IU Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter (CEEM).