Limited Submissions

Quick Guide: Limited Submissions Funding Opportunities

Limited Submissions refers to funding opportunities from external funding agencies that set a limit on the number of proposals or applications that will be accepted from an institution, university, or campus.

Words to know

The language used in calls for proposals or nominations can often be ambiguous. IU’s Limited Submissions Coordinator contacts agencies for clarification and consults as necessary with IU's Executive Director for Research Development. Among the more common limitations in agency requests for proposals are:

  • “per EIN” (Employer Identification Number)—limitation is specific to all IU (all campuses).
  • “per DUNS” (Dun and Bradstreet Number)—IUPUI has its own DUNS number; IU Bloomington and the regional campuses share a DUNS number. Therefore, this type of limitation treats IUPUI as one institution, and IU Bloomington combined with regional campuses as a separate institution.
  • “per campus” or “per IPF” (Institutional Profile File number)—depending on the agency, limitation is specific to each IU campus.
  • “per school” or “per department”—limitation is specific to a school or department.

How it works

To apply for a limited submission opportunity at IU, follow the guidelines for submission for the specific funding opportunity listed under “To apply for IU internal competition.”

The Office of Research Development authorizes all opportunities limited to “per university” and “per institution.” For authorization of “per campus” limited submissions, please contact your campus representative.

Determine the specific opportunity to which you would like to apply. If you do not see a particular limited submission opportunity listed, please contact Limited Submissions at

Review the submission requirements for the specific opportunity. To reduce duplication or extraneous paperwork, requirements for the internal applications usually mirror the requirements of the funding agency.

Select the specific opportunity to which you would like to apply, click on the Submit Application button and upload the required documents as instructed. Once your application has been accepted, you will receive an email confirmation.

If the Office of Research Development receives more than the allowed number of submissions (based on the agency limitation), an internal peer review is conducted to select the strongest candidate to move forward.

The timing of the review process is affected by several factors: the desire to allow all interested faculty members time to prepare a strong internal application; the need to provide adequate time for reviewers to review proposals; IU’s commitment to completing the process well in advance of the funding agency’s due date so that faculty members authorized to submit a proposal have ample time for the completion and submission of the final proposal.

After the internal review process, if your application is selected, you will be notified via email that you have been authorized to move forward with submitting to the agency.

Contact Us

Contact Limited Submissions at or 812-855-7079.