Conference and Workshop Travel Grants

About this opportunity




Ed Dallis-Comentale, Associate Vice Provost for Research,

Jason M. Kelly, Director, IUPUI Arts and Humanities Institute,



Award cycle:


Funding available:

Up to $2,000

This program supports faculty participating in professional events that support the continuation of research, creative activity, and the scholarship of teaching in arts and humanities areas.

The review committee takes a broad view of the arts and humanities, in which the key factor is the nature of the creative activity or the central question posed by the research, not the departmental or division affiliation of the faculty member(s) submitting the proposal. In determining whether a proposal falls within the falls within the parameters of the humanities, the committee generally is guided by the definition provided by the NEH.

The most important consideration is that your project or travel purpose center within the methods or perspectives of the arts or humanities. We are interested in reviewing proposals addressing research or creative works that will result in the production of new artistic works or development and/or advancement of knowledge in the humanities.

The committee recognizes that the division between the humanities and the social sciences is not rigid. If your proposal has social sciences content and you wonder how the committee will assess its eligibility, please contact the program officer for advice.


  • In order to allow adequate time for proposal review and planning, applications must be submitted no less than 12 weeks in advance of planned travel.

  • All Indiana University tenured and tenure-eligible faculty are eligible to apply. Those employed at IU but not on the tenure-track, whose evaluation criteria include research or creative activity, are eligible to submit proposals with an explanation of the importance of research or creative activity to their evaluation.
  • Visiting and adjunct faculty, part-time faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students are not eligible.
  • Because overall program funding is limited, faculty members are limited to one Conference and Workshop Travel Grant award every 18 months (calculated from the submission deadline of the most recent award, assuming no extensions have been requested and approved)


  • Funding requests may not exceed $2,000.
  • Funding may be used to support scholars and researchers to participate in or attend conferences, workshops, symposia, performances, exhibitions, and other professional development events related to their research, creative activity, or scholarship of teaching in these areas.
  • Funds may not be used for hosting conferences, workshops, or similar symposia.
  • Priority will be given to proposals that articulate how participation in a conference or workshop will enhance one’s current research or creative activity. Please also consider applying for research funds from the OVPR Grant-in-Aid/Emergency Grant-in-Aid program (Bloomington); the College Arts & Humanities Institute (Bloomington); IUPUI Arts & Humanities Institute; or your campus research or faculty affairs office (regional campuses).
  • Funds not spent within 18 months of award can be considered for a one-time six-month extension with a justification request for approval, after which time all remaining funds will be returned to the funding pool.
  • Funds cannot be used to reimburse for expenses paid before the award is granted.

Application Requirements

Applicants must complete an electronic application in IU's InfoReady system and upload a completed application form and budget worksheet.

Application sections include:

  • Presentation Description or Participation Rationale (two-page maximum)
  • Completed Budget Worksheet
  • Brief Budget Narrative (one-page maximum)
  • List of all other funding sources (acquired or seeking)
  • Brief C.V. (Three-Page Maximum)