Grant-in-Aid of Research & Creative Activity

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Open Deadline

Award cycle:

Funding available:

$3,000 maximum award

The Grant-in-Aid program is designed to support faculty research and scholarship, help faculty initiate new research and creative activities, and supply modest support at unusually critical times.


  • All IU tenured and tenure-eligible faculty, faculty emeriti, research scientists, research scholars, research center directors, and librarians.
  • Also open to non-tenure track faculty whose evaluation criteria are based on research activity, i.e., clinical faculty, lecturers.  


  • Visiting and adjunct faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, part-time faculty, and graduate students are not eligible.
  • If you received a Grant-in-Aid award within the past six semesters, you are not eligible to apply.


  • Funding requests may not exceed $3,000.
  • Projects are limited to one year in duration.
  • Grant-in-Aid funds may be used only for expenses not funded through other sources.
  • Up to $2,000 may be used for publishing subvention. No more than one faculty member may apply for subvention funding for a single publication/project.
  • Grant-in-Aid funds may not be used to pay faculty stipends (including summer salary) or graduate fee remissions.
  • Grant-in-Aid funds may not be used to attend conferences or to fund conference presentations.
  • Grant-in-Aid funds may not be used to purchase general computer equipment that can be funded through other sources on campus (i.e. life-cycle funding, school/department funding).
  • Grant-in-Aid funds may not be used to reimburse for previously paid expenses.

Application requirements

Applicants must complete an electronic application in InfoReady and upload a completed budget worksheet. Please note page limits.

Application sections include:

  • project description (four-page maximum)
  • completed GIA Budget Worksheet (on the InfoReady application)
  • budget justification (one-page maximum)
  • biosketch or brief cv (three-page maximum)