What Do Your Research Procedures Involve?

Review the following multiple choice options and select the best option that applies to your new study submission. Your selections on each proceeding page will help identify the most likely level of review.

You are likely conducting research involving human subjects that requires review by the IRB. Please continue below.

Note: Your research may involve more than one of the categories below. Please proceed with one selection now, and repeat this step for each relevant category using the ‘Back to Exempt Research Criteria’ button at the conclusion of this process. Continue by then selecting any other applicable categories, and submit the study based on the highest level of review resulting from all of the paths.

Will your research procedures involve any of the following:

  • A: Normal educational practices in established or commonly accepted educational settings1
    Select option A
  • B: Use of educational tests, surveys, interviews, or observation of public behavior OR use of benign behavioral interventions2
    Select option B
  • C: Secondary use of identifiable private information or identifiable biospecimens collected for purposes other than this research study
    Select option C
  • D: A federally-funded evaluation of a public benefit or service program OR taste and food quality evaluation and consumer acceptance studies
    Select option D
  • E: None of the above
    Select option E


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Contact the Human Subjects Office:

Phone: 317-274-8289
Email: irb@iu.edu

The Indiana University Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) provides administrative support to all IU campuses and maintains physical offices in two locations, Indianapolis and Bloomington.

Indianapolis (Main):

Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)
Office of Research Compliance
Indiana University
Lockefield Village, 3rd Floor
980 Indiana Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202


Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)
Office of Research Compliance
Indiana University
2218 N. Dunn St.
Bloomington, Indiana 47408