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Upcoming Internal Deadlines

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Agencies often set a limit on the number of proposals or pre-proposals an institution may submit to a particular funding program. The office of the Vice President for Research therefore runs an internal Limited Submissions program through which peer review identifies the strongest candidates. Additional information on the Limited Submissions program, especially with reference to funding programs at the National Science Foundation, can be found in the section titled IMPORTANT NOTES.

Before applying for an opportunity with submission limitations, you must follow IU's limited submission process to secure authorization from IU (or, as appropriate, an IU campus, school or department). The Vice President for Research provides authorization for "per institution" or "per university" opportunities. To determine who provides authorization at individual campuses for those opportunities with a "per campus" limitation, contact the campus representative listed below.


Opportunities are identified through invitations, searches, web services and historical (past) opportunities. The list will not be comprehensive. If you become aware of a funding opportunity that limits the number of applications and is not listed, please contact immediately with the program title, due date and URL. Detailed information about selection process are posted on this website. A weekly digest that contains limited opportunities is used for broad distribution. Click here to subscribe. Contact your campus representative to find out if your campus uses another means of distribution as well.


Often the language used in calls for proposals or nominations can be ambiguous regarding the nature of the limitation. The IU Limited Submissions Coordinator contacts agencies for clarification, and consults as necessary with the Vice President for Research. Limitations as listed within this website are based on that consultation. Among the more common limitations one may see in agency requests for proposals and their application at IU are:

  • "per EIN" (Employer Identification Number): limitation is specific to all IU (all 8 campuses combined)
  • "per DUNS" (Dun and Bradstreet Number): IUPUI has its own DUNS number; IUB and the 6 regional campuses share a DUNS number. Therefore, this limitation treats IUPUI as one institution and IUB combined with regional campuses as a separate institution
  • "per campus" or "per IPF" (Institutional Profile File number): depending on the agency, limitation is specific to each IU campus
  • "per school" or "per department": limitation is specific to a school or department

Those interested in applying to a limited program should follow the submission requirements found on the specific opportunity’s page under “To apply for IU Internal competition”. To reduce duplication or extraneous paperwork, requirements for the internal application will mirror the requirements of the Agency in most cases. Most internal applications will require at a minimum:

  • 1-2 page Project Narrative
  • A Letter of Support or Nomination from Chair or Dean
  • Abbreviated CV or biographical sketch of the PI

Internal deadlines are chosen with the goal of allowing adequate time for the internal review of applications and the completion and submission of the final application through Grant Services to meet agency deadlines. Internal applications will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Responsiveness to program objectives in agency solicitation
  • Scientific/scholarly strength of proposal
  • Relevance to University's research objectives
  • Presentation of project (clear action plan, completeness, clarity of proposal, summary of project, list of collaborators, grammar ….)

“Per Campus” opportunity: Each campus should covene a review committee to select the most competitive proposal(s) for agency submission. The campus contact person will notify Grant Services and Limited Submissions of the committee’s selection(s) while providing an eight digit LS# to be entered in KC for tracking purposes (found on the Limited Submission opportunity page, i.e. 0084-2053). This process can generally take 2 to 4 weeks.

“Per University” opportunity: The Chief of Staff to the Vice President for Research will convene and oversee an impartial review committee with appropriate campus representation to select the most competitive proposal(s) for submission to the Vice President for Research for final approval and authorization. The Limited Submissions Coordinator will notify the applicants and Grant Services of the final selection(s) while providing an eight digit LS# to be entered in KC for tracking purposes (found on the Limited Submission opportunity page, i.e. 0084-2053). This process can generally take 4 to 6 weeks.

Special Circumstances:

  • If the opportunity is limited to a specific school or department, that school or department will work closely with the contact on your campus to coordinate the internal competition process.
  • Grant renewals - Renewals will receive preference over new submissions. If PIs decide to submit a renewal, the opportunity will be posted as CLOSED and a competition will not be held.
  • Grant resubmissions - Previously authorized applicants are not automatically authorized to resubmit if an award was not secured from a past submission. Non-awarded PIs must go through the internal review and selection process again. In the project narrative, PIs should address reviewers concerns and how those concerns will be addressed in a resubmission. In some limited submission cases, circumstances may create unusual conditions based on agency/university timelines and/or guidelines that may require an executive decision to be made by the Vice President for Research, Vice Chancellor for Research, and/or Vice Provost for Research.

Potential nominees must ensure they are aware of any additional requirements of the Sponsor beyond the internal competition. It is also the responsibility of nominees to contact the appropriate office for assistance to prepare and submit the full application to the sponsor (Grant Services and Administration or IU Foundation).

If a nominee is no longer able to apply for a limited submission opportunity, it is imperative that the nominee notifies the appropriate campus contact person immediately in order to allow another colleague the opportunity to move forward with a proposal.


Every effort will be made to maintain current and accurate information about proposal requirements and deadlines within this website. Given that agencies do make amendments to solicitations, the awarding agency's posted information remains the final authority on these matters.

For inquiries or submissions, notify:
Limited Submission Jackie Parish limsub[at]iu [dot] edu (812) 856-1368
Bloomington Jackie Parish japarish[at]iu [dot] edu (812) 856-1368
East James Barbre jbarbre[at]iue [dot] edu (765) 973-8344
Fort Wayne IPFW faculty members submit proposals for external funding through Purdue University and should consult Purdue's website for information about limited opportunities.
Indianapolis Etta Ward emward[at]iupui [dot] edu (317) 278-8427
Kokomo Candy Miller cam33[at]iuk [dot] edu (765) 455-9540
Northwest TJ Stoops tkstoops[at]iun [dot] edu (219) 980-6832
South Bend Erika Zynda ezynda[at]iusb [dot] edu (574) 520-4181
Southeast Diane E. Wille dwille[at]ius [dot] edu (812) 941-2300
Vice President for Research Faith Hawkins fhawkins[at]iu [dot] edu (812) 856-3604
For assistance with submitting Agency applications, contact:
Grant Services srsinfo[at]iupui [dot] edu Indianapolis (317) 278-3473
Grant & Contract Services resdev[at]indiana [dot] edu all other campuses (812) 855-0516


Some expired internal deadlines may still be open for applications if fewer than the eligible number of preliminary applications were received and the sponsor's deadline has not passed. Approval to apply to the sponsoring agency may be granted on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested in a “Per Campus” program, contact the campus representative listed above to determine if an opportunity is still available. Contact limsub[at]iu [dot] edu if it is a “Per University” program. A program showing a status of "Closed" is not accepting any additional internal applications.


In the event that a university submits more than the allowable number of applications to a program with submission limitations, all applications from that institution will most likely be disqualified. Therefore it is imperative that you follow the limited submission process and secure proper authorization.

There is little consistency across agencies how submission limitations are defined, and some agencies are less consistent than others about their definitions. One agency that has historically exhibited a wide variety of interpretations of limitation definitions is the National Science Foundation. We have had instances where different program managers for the same program gave different and conflicting answers to questions about submission limitations. Since the submission of more proposals than allowed will result in the disqualification of all proposals, and since it was taking VPR staff members considerable time and and energy to determine how limits were understood in specific instances, in 2011-12 IU implemented a policy wherein all IU campuses are considered a single institution for all NSF programs unless alternate limitations ("by school," "by department") etc. clearly apply. Due to the vagaries of NSF program timing, this policy was not fully implemented with regard to all NSF programs until 2012-13.

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