Research Equipment Fund

About this opportunity


IU Bloomington


David Taylor,

Jeff Zaleski,


February 1, August 1

Award cycle:


Funding available:

up to $200,000 (with 50 percent match)

The Research Equipment Fund supports purchase or development of research equipment to be used by groups of investigators, working together or separately, on innovative projects that already have or have the potential for sustainable external support.


Applicants must demonstrate how the equipment enhancement will benefit the research with respect to scholarship and external funding portfolios, as well as indicate how it will augment the IU Bloomington campus research profile.

All proposals are expected to carry a minimum 50% cost-sharing match from the faculty member’s home department, college, and/or school. Waiving of this cost share-match will be considered under exceptional circumstances. Variations of this matching structure will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Eligible PIs

  • All tenured and tenure‐eligible faculty members at IU Bloomington
  • Research scientists and center directors at IU Bloomington
  • Medical Sciences faculty at IU Bloomington

Ineligible PIs

  • Visiting and adjunct faculty members
  • Staff scientists (support‐oriented positions) and postdoctoral research associates
  • PIs with outstanding final grant reports from previously OVPR-funded projects

Eligible Projects

  • Research projects from a group of faculty requiring the purchase of equipment or development of specific instrumentation that will enhance the capability of IU Bloomington investigators to build and maintain novel fields of sustainable inquiry
  • Projects with specific equipment needs by researchers in the sciences, arts, humanities, and social sciences
  • Collaborative endeavors that involve use of the equipment by faculty between disciplines and across schools

Ineligible Projects

  • Projects requesting consumable supplies or FTE support
  • Activities focused on the development of instructional equipment for academic programs
  • Proposals from commercial, industrial, and other for-profit entities


All funds must be spent within six months of the award date. Awards will typically be between $10k and $200k. This amount includes a 50% match from the participating unit(s). Waiving of this cost share-match will be considered under exceptional circumstances.


  • Funds for equipment purchased or constructed as part of a research program, facility, or center
  • Service or custom installation costs (within six months) are permissible on equipment purchased via the Research Equipment Fund contribution

Not allowed

  • Academic year or summer salaries (including sabbatical leave)
  • Funding for students or postdocs
  • IU faculty or staff as paid consultants
  • Service contracts for existing equipment or contracts that extend beyond six months
  • Travel to conferences
  • Course release funds
  • Compensation for collaborators from other IU campuses or institutions

Application requirements

Applicants must use Infoready to complete an electronic application, create a budget using the Excel budget worksheet template on the electronic application form, and attach the following as PDFs to the electronic application form.

  • Letter(s) of support (chair/division head). Letters and reviews can be uploaded by the applicant or emailed to OVPR Grants at
    1. The impact of the equipment on the research outcomes of the unit
    2. Endorsement and rationale for funding and timing of the proposed project or example of type of projects enabled by the equipment
    3. A financial commitment totaling at least 50% (or negotiated percentage) of the final budget (can be from a variety of sources)
  • Project description (five-page maximum; references are not included in the five-page limit but are restricted to only two additional pages):
    Must include these sections labeled as A-E:
    1. Have you submitted this proposal for any other internal or external competitions? If answer is anything other than "no", explain.
    2. Describe the equipment to be purchased or developed within the context of the proposed research. How will the equipment be maintained over its lifetime?
    3. Describe in detail the research projects of the major users that the equipment will serve. How will use of the equipment lead to an enhancement of scholarship and contribute to the investigators' external funding portfolios?
    4. Briefly discuss use of the equipment by minor users along with their department and school affiliations.
    5. Discuss how the equipment improvement will enrich the IU Bloomington campus research profile.
  • Completed budget form
  • Budget Justification (one-page limit)
  • Key Personnel (one-page limit)
  • Other Personnel (one-page limit)
  • Biosketches for major users (NIH/NSF format)