Equipment Funding

About this opportunity




Alicia Gahimer,



Award cycle:

FY 2019-20

Funding available:

$25,000 grant, $25,000 school match; total project $50,000

The Equipment Funding program provides matching support for the purchase of major equipment that is not currently available at the campus level and will be shared by several faculty members from different departments and schools. Purchase of the equipment should increase the likelihood of external funding.


Eligible PIs

All full-time tenure-track faculty with an appointment of Assistant Professor and above

Ineligible PIs

  • Faculty in visiting ranks
  • Research scientist ranks



  • $25,000 grant, $25,000 school match; total project $50,000
  • A 1:1 cash match must be documented in a letter of support from the school, department or unit.

Not Allowed

Funds will not be granted if similar equipment is currently supported by other internal or external funding mechanisms at the campus or university level.

Application requirements

  • A detailed plan is required explaining how the equipment will support ongoing research and contribute to the securement of new external funding.
  • A vendor’s itemized quote for the equipment must be included.

Application sections include:

  • Cover page
  • Abstract
  • Project Plan not to exceed three pages
  • References cited
  • Budget and Justification
  • Biographical Sketch or CV not to exceed five pages, include funding history
  • Letters of support from collaborators and department chair
  • IRB, IACUC, and/or IBC forms if applicable