KC IRB Address Book

Quick Guide: Adding Personnel to the Address Book

Applies to: Personnel without an IU username.

Learn How To Access Your Protocol

The KC IRB Protocol is setup using a system of tabs. Within each tab are "folders", which contain bits of information about the research protocol. Expand the sections below to see tab specific instructions.

Note: These steps should be followed only after you have searched the Address book and confirmed that the person you are trying to add is not listed in the Address book.

  1. Select magnifying glass next to No IU User ID Search.
  2. Click the link (at the bottom) labeled here to add the person to the Rolodex.  This will open a new window to create a new entry. The following fields must be completed to save the entry.
    1. Description: Enter the person’s last name and first name (Lastname, Firstname)
    2. Country Code: Choose from the dropdown
    3. Email Address: Please use the person’s organizational address (i.e. jsmith@iuhealth.org)
    4. First Name
    5. Last Name
    6. Organization: Enter the name of the institution or organization with whom the person is affiliated. If not known, enter ‘Unknown'.
    7. Owned by Unit: Enter the Lead Unit of the Principal Investigator. You can populate this by selecting the magnifying glass, then searching using the Unit Name field. You should use the asterisk to help with this search (i.e. *Cancer*).
      1. Select return value next to the correct unit.
    8. Sponsor Address Flag: Select No.
    9. State: Use the dropdown to select the person’s state of residence.
    10. Click submit.

Contact the IU Human Research Protection Program

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KC IRB Help:

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