Adding Funding

Quick Guide: Adding Funding

Applies to: All research studies

Learn How To Access Your Protocol

The KC IRB Protocol is setup using a system of tabs. Within each tab are "folders", which contain bits of information about the research protocol. Expand the sections below to see tab specific instructions.

Funding Sources

  1. Select ►show on the Funding Sources panel.
  2. Select Funding Type – see chart below
    1. Selecting the ▼ symbol will open up a dropdown list of options.
  3. Select the magnifying glass in the Funding Number field to search for funding source.  You can search by a variety of different fields, e.g., PI, Protocol ID, Project Title, Award ID, Unit Name or Sponsor Name, using a search window. Tip: you can use a keyword with * before and after if no results are returned with your search.
    1. Select Return Value next to the correct funding source.
  4. Select Add under Actions once the funding has populated.
Type of FundingChoose This Funding Type (in KC)Funding Number (KC)
Grant or AwardAward
Institutional Proposal
Use lookup to link the IRB protocol to the Award or Institutional Proposal in KC Grants system.
Industry SponsorSponsorUse lookup to select appropriate Sponsor name.
IU Department/Internal FundingUnitUse lookup to select the appropriate unit name.
No FundingUnfundedN/A

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