IU IRB review for non-affiliated investigators or external sites

Quick Guide: IU IRB Review for Non-Affiliated Investigators or External Sites

You may request that IU IRBs review non-affiliated individuals or external performance sites. When you ask the IU IRBs to provide IRB review for non-affiliated individuals or external performance sites, the IU IRBs have to ensure the investigators fulfill IU’s requirements and are appropriately qualified and trained to participate in the research.

Words to Know

  • IU-affiliated investigator—Indiana University faculty, staff, and students engaged in human subjects research, and employees and staff of IU affiliate institutions that have contracted with the IU IRBs for review and oversight of human subjects research. IU affiliate institutions include Eskenazi Health, Indiana State Department of Health, IU Health, Purdue Pharmacy Practice, Regenstrief Institute, and Roudebush VAMC.
  • Non-affiliated investigator—Investigators who are not faculty, staff, or students of IU, or employees or staff of IU affiliate institutions.
  • Reliance—When one or more relying institutions choose to accept IRB review and oversight for a research project from another institution’s reviewing IRB. In these situations, the reviewing IRB provides IRB review and oversight for conduct of the research at the relying institution(s).