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Indiana University
Office of Research Compliance Newsletter 4th Edition
July 22, 2013
Kuali Coeus IRB
In this issue:
How can I access KC IRB?

Take a moment to make sure you can access KC IRB!

Since KC IRB is an IU-hosted system, protected by CAS authentication, it can only be accessed by those with an IU computing account using their unique username and password. You will need to access KC IRB if:

  • You are the Principal Investigator for research reviewed by the IU IRBs;
  • You will be submitting research or IRB submissions to the IU IRBs for review, for your own research, or on behalf of another;
  • You wish to receive notifications from the IRB (e.g. approvals or renewal reminders);
  • You need to view study approval dates or other study information for a particular research project or group of projects.
How can I obtain an IU computing account - if I don’t have one?

You must have an IU computing account in order to access KC IRB. If you don’t have an IU computing account, the IU Human Subjects Office (HSO) can request one for you. Please visit the IU Affiliate Accounts page and complete the information requested. HSO will contact you when your account has been created and provide you with further instructions. Investigators can access the system via OneStart beginning August 19.

More information about accessing KC IRB is available on our website on the Human Subjects KC IRB Implementation page.

Take Action to Receive IRB Notifications

The KC IRB system will send notifications and reminders to investigators about the progress of their research throughout their study’s lifetime. For example, KC IRB will automatically send reminders to investigators requesting that they submit continuing review documents about 60 days prior to expiration. Notifications are sent to investigators via their OneStart Action List and, from there, may be delivered to the IU-provided email address affiliated with your IU computing account. IU email may be forwarded to your preferred email.

Take a moment to make sure that you receive notifications from KC IRB.  Please take the following actions:

Steps Needed to Receive IRB Notifications




1. Ensure your OneStart Action List is configured to send notifications to your email address

Log into OneStart using your IU username and passphrase at onestart.iu.edu


2. Click Action List on the right side of the red Indiana University bar at the top of the page

Then click Preferences


3. Under Email Notification Preferences, click on Default Email Notification

Use the drop-down arrow to choose one of the three options listed

a. Immediate (suggested option): An email with information about the notification will be sent immediately to your IU-provided email address.

b. Daily: An email which includes all notifications to your Action List during that day will be delivered daily to your IU-provided email address.

c. Weekly: An email which includes all notifications to your Action List during that week will be delivered weekly to your IU-provided email address.


  • The OneStart Action List is used to receive notifications from several different systems, including KC Grants, KFS, TIME, and KC IRB. Any changes you make to your email preferences will affect notifications from all of these systems.
  • If you do not check your IU-provided email address regularly, ensure your IU email is forwarded to your preferred email address. For more information about forwarding emails, please visit the IU Knowledge Base At IU, how do I forward my email? page.
What KC IRB Training Opportunities are Available to Me?

There are a number of ways you can take advantage of KC IRB Training opportunities:

  1. Beginning on August 7, 2013, live face-to-face training sessions for KC IRB will be offered in Indianapolis and Bloomington. You will have the opportunity to meet with an experienced staff member and trainer to begin real, hands-on education about KC IRB with opportunities for Q&A. You can register for KC IRB training sessions at the Kuali Coeus Compliance Training Sessions page.*
  2. In addition to live training sessions, a series of eLearning videos will be available on the eLearning Videos & Training Guides Kuali Coeus - IRB page for you to review.

If you have any questions or need assistance registering for KC IRB Training contact us at kcirb@iu.edu.

*Please note: Sessions with less than 5 participants registered by the prior business day may be canceled for resource management purposes.

KC IRB eLearning Videos are Available!

For a quick reference or a training refresher, video segments are in production. As of now, two are completed and ready for viewing:

  • KC IRB Introduction
  • Submitting a New Study – Exempt

In the weeks to come, more videos will be produced and accessible for viewing. The first group will be related to Phase I – the use of KC IRB for new studies. These will include how to submit new full board, expedited, NIH CIRB/WIRB, and student project studies. More videos relevant to each specific phase (I-V) will be produced and available at the time of phase implementation.

All of the current KC eLearning Videos and Learning Guides are available at this link:

eLearning Videos & Training Guides - Kuali Coeus - IRB

Or, you can also access KC-IRB specific information from the KC-IRB tab on the Human Subjects Office page, located here:

KC IRB Implementation

How will existing studies be entered into KC IRB?
Also, how will investigators be able to check the accuracy of the information?

Beginning August 19, 2013:

  • All new study submissions will be entered into KC IRB directly by the investigators.
  • All currently open studies will be entered into KC IRB by HSO staff by mid-November 2013.

There will be a significant quality control effort on the part of HSO in order to ensure correct information is uploaded; however, investigators will be encouraged to check the accuracy of the IRB records for their studies once available in KC IRB.

Stay tuned. More to come in future KC IRB Newsletters!
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