IUPUI Partnerships

Best practices for school/industry collaborations

Establish a funded initiative/center/lab/institute/working group

  • If appropriate, formally announce the partnership to attract the best university researchers
  • Define a clear theme for the partnership
  • Establish a leadership group that meets a minimum of biannually

Identify single points of contact

  • Smooth and seamless communication paths are an advantage

Develop an "umbrella" IP strategy

  • Keep open and collaborative communications
  • Allow expanded collaboration and exploration of new ideas
  • Allow the university to become an extension of the industry partner

Establish an agreed-upon roadmap and goal with metrics that allows success to be monitored

  • Encourage communication of goals between both partners
  • Progress can be monitored
  • The value of the collaboration can be realized


Contact Clayton Nicholas at clnichol@iupui.edu or call 317-274-8266 to explore industry partnerships at IUPUI.