JagStart Student Entrepreneurs

Who should participate?

Any IUPUI student, or team that includes an IUPUI student as an inventor or co-founder, with an innovative idea for a new product or venture who would like to work on developing the idea with the guidance of an experienced mentor or is looking for coaching and networking to advance a potential new venture (both conventional and social ventures eligible).

What are the rules and guidelines?

  • Any student who is currently enrolled in one of the IUPUI schools (including undergraduate, graduate, and professional students) is eligible.
  • There is no limit to the number of team members, but a student can be on only one team.
  • Teams may seek assistance from other university or external resources.
  • The idea and work must be your own, and you will maintain ownership of your innovation.

Mentoring Track

  • Idea analysis and evaluation
  • Product Concept Documentation

Product Design and Development Track

  • Resources and support for development of working prototypes
  • Customer discovery and performance validation projects

Business Planning Track

  • Market research
  • Production planning
  • Resource allocation and funding needs


Karen White, Research Development & Commercialization Facilitator, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

  • Phone: (317) 274-1083
  • Email: kfwhite@iupui.edu