JagStart Elevator Pitch Competition

Learn to pitch your best idea

It takes just three minutes! IUPUI's JagStart Elevator Pitch competition is an annual event that pits student contestants against the clock to pitch their original ideas to a panel of judges. You can enter the competition to showcase your ideas for innovative new products, new business ventures, or compelling solutions to social challenges.

What’s an “elevator pitch”?

An elevator pitch is a (very) short story, describing your idea for a novel product or venture as you would in a real-world scenario – such as talking to a potential investor in an elevator. JagStart rewards students who have the best ideas—and the best pitches—with cash prizes.

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Who can participate?

This JagStart competition is open to any full- or part-time students (undergraduate, graduate, and professional) who are currently enrolled and in good standing at any of the IUPUI schools at the Indianapolis or Columbus campus.

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Why should I participate?

The JagStart Elevator Pitch competition offers:

  • A chance to learn valuable skills
  • Coaching, feedback, and the opportunity to build connections to entrepreneurs and business professionals from the local community
  • Experience promoting your idea to a live audience
  • Prizes! Including:
    • 1st Place $2,500
    • 2nd Place $1,500
    • 3rd Place $500
    • Audience Choice Award $1,000 (selected on basis of audience ballot)

Launch sessions

These sessions offer an opportunity for students to ask questions about the competition and learn more about resources available. Registered entrants will be offered the opportunity to participate in optional no-cost workshops on how to prepare a written proposal and how to deliver an effective "elevator pitch."

Check back soon for registration.

Entry preparation

At this workshop, learn how to prepare a successful proposal and how to identify the value proposition being offered by a new approach, product, service, or opportunity afforded by a new venture. Workshops are available free of charge.

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Pitching your ideas

This workshop focuses on skills and techniques for more dynamic and successful oral presentation of an elevator pitch. Emphasis is placed on crafting statements of the fundamental concepts, effective delivery techniques, and tips for adding impact without visual aids.

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Karen White, Research Development & Commercialization Facilitator, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

  • Phone: (317) 274-1083
  • Email: kfwhite@iupui.edu