Invention Disclosures

Disclosing and assessing your discovery

Disclosing your innovation is an early step in the commercialization process that helps you understand the potential of your discovery.

Completing an invention disclosure

An invention disclosure includes:

  • A description of your invention or discovery
  • Any sponsors of your research
  • Names of any collaborators and their university affiliations
  • Name(s) of the lab(s) where the original work was conducted

Download an invention disclosure form

Submitting an invention disclosure

After completing your invention disclosure, you must submit it by email to

The invention disclosure gives IU a record of the date of your invention, but it does not provide any legal protection for intellectual property.


Your invention disclosure will receive an initial assessment, which includes conducting a literature and patent search to determine:

  • if comparable technologies are already known and/or on the market and how your discovery compares to those technologies
  • whether the discovery may require intellectual property protection
  • the time and investment that will be needed to bring your discovery to market
  • the size and growth potential of market demand for your discovery

What comes next?

The results of the assessment will determine the next steps of the process. If a discovery has commercial potential, the next step in the commercialization process is to secure legal protection for it and seek to license the technology to a company or startup.