Start a Company

Starting a Company

You may be able to license your technology to an existing company for commercialization, but sometimes, the technology may be too novel, at too early a stage of development, or otherwise too risky to attract interest from industry. Or you may want more input in the further development of your discovery.

In these cases, starting a company may make sense, and the university has resources to help get your company off the ground. IU has helped launch a number of successful startups, including Angel Learning, Assembly Biosciences, Anagin, and Marcadia.

Startup companies can explore and evaluate the commercial potential of a technology and can compete for funding set aside for small business research and development. Getting involved in a startup company is a significant commitment, though, and you need to consider whether starting a company is right for your technology and for you.

Startup resources at IU

  • INgage: IU’s INgage program is dedicated to helping IU faculty, postdocs, and graduate students across all campuses quickly launch companies founded on IU intellectual property. INgage helps with the early administrative functions of running a business, including insurance, payroll, and grant consulting, so faculty members can focus on the research that drives it.
  • IU Philanthropic Venture Fund: The IU Philanthropic Venture Fund managed by IU Ventures can be used for equity investments primarily at early stages of company development. To qualify for investment, companies must commercialize IU intellectual property, exhibit commercial potential, and have the ability to attract follow-on funding and experienced management.
  • The Indiana Small Business Development Center offers a variety of services to newly developing companies.