Start Up Funds

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IU Bloomington


Sherry Knighton-Schwandt, Executive Director for Research Development,

Brea Perry, Interim Associate Vice President and Vice Provost for Research,

Kristi Jones, Fiscal Officer,


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Startup funds are often a critical element in the successful recruitment and launch of a faculty member’s academic career. Under special circumstances, particularly in the sciences when the need exceeds the average startup cost, IU Research will consider a partnership with a unit to determine an appropriate startup package.


  • New faculty hires


  • OVPR funds will generally focus on shared equipment
  • Final decisions about startup funds will be made in consultation with the academic unit and the Vice President for Research

Application requirements

If a funding partnership is necessary, it is important that discussions with OVPR start early in the recruitment process. OVPR will work with the appropriate dean and requires submission of:

  • the candidate’s CV
  • research statement
  • the candidate’s list of requested items
  • letter of financial support from the unit

If the recruitment requires any adjustment to lab space, use of animals, biological, chemical, or radiation support, a startup request will not be considered until the IU Bloomington New Faculty Hire Intention Route Sheet is completed. This will ensure that the appropriate campus units are alerted in a timely manner for evaluation and preparation before the faculty member arrives on campus.