IUPUI Arts and Humanities Institute (IAHI) Summer Academy Fellows Grant

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Alicia Gahimer,algahime@iupui.edu


March 31, 2023

Award cycle:

FY 2022-23

Funding available:


The IAHI Summer Academy Fellows program supports IUPUI researchers who wish to participate in the IAHI Summer Academy, an intensive and immersive program focused on aiding scholars in accelerating sustainable major interdisciplinary, collaborative projects that integrate arts, humanities, or qualitative social science approaches into their core research agenda.

Summer Academy Fellows participate in a full-time, three-week academy that provides them the time, space, and support to advance promising research and creative activity at IUPUI.

For the 2023 Summer Academy, the IAHI will help fellows conceptualize and produce a major external grant proposal or project over a three-week time frame. Dates for the Summer Academy will be scheduled to align with the availability of academy fellows.

Award recipients will:
  • Receive $5000 in financial support in the form of summer salary.
  • Join the cohort of IAHI Academy Fellows for 2023-24.
  • Receive professional development training in interdisciplinary project design and implementation at training sessions during the academy.
  • Receive training in public communication and social media at training sessions during the academy.
  • Receive continuous peer review during the academy.
  • Receive support in grant development.
  • Receive support from an external peer mentor who works with researchers to provide critical feedback on their work. This mentor will receive a $500 honorarium.

The Summer Academy fellowship emphasizes the importance of collaborative, interdisciplinary work. Because of this, we encourage fellows to participate as a team of two or more individuals from different disciplines. However, we will accept applications from individual scholars as well. We also encourage faculty to propose research projects that support undergraduate and/or graduate research opportunities.

Recipients of the 2023 Summer Academy Fellowship will be chosen based on 1) a high potential for external funding, 2) their capacity to generate high quality research or creative projects that result in nationally or internationally recognized research outputs.


Eligible PIs

  • All full-time faculty from all schools and units at IUPUI (including non tenure-track faculty), researchers, visiting and associate faculty members, and post-doctoral fellows are eligible. We strongly encourage teams of two or more individuals from different disciplines. Because of limited funding, it is unlikely that the program will be able to support more than three people in each team.
  • The PI of the grant application must be a full-time IUPUI employee throughout the duration of the proposed grant project.
  • Participants in IAHI Summer Academy teams may include faculty (including lecturers and postdoctoral researchers) from other universities, who will become IAHI Academy Fellows for the year. Non-IUPUI team collaborators will not receive financial support from IUPUI, but they will receive all the other benefits of participating in the IAHI Summer Academy.
  • Successful applicants must be available 8 hours per day for three weeks during summer 2023. Specific dates will be selected through consultation with award recipients.



  • $5,000 as summer salary

Not Allowed

  • Funds will not be granted for a project currently supported by another internal funding mechanism unless a case is made in justifying the complementary funding.

Application requirements

Proposal requirements

  • This fellowship is intended to support a broad range of research and creative activity in the arts and humanities as well as qualitative projects in the social sciences.
  • Funding is intended for support of research and creative activity, and not for support of teaching and/or service activities. Scholarship of teaching may be supported under this program if it has strong and clearly articulated research outcomes.
  • Applications will be judged on the potential for additional external funding, the merit of the proposed research or creative activity, qualifications of the applicants, scholarly significance of the proposed activity, and integration of interdisciplinary methods. Applications for new projects are encouraged.
  • IAHI Summer Academies support between 8 and 12 participants, each of whom will receive $5,000 as summer salary. Team members who are based at other universities will not receive financial support.

Application sections include

  • Applicant Information and Assurances
  • Abstract
  • Project Plan not to exceed six pages
  • Biographical Sketch or CV not to exceed four pages, include funding history
  • Letters of support from collaborators
  • IRB, IACUC, and/or IBC forms if applicable