Global Remixed Arts & Humanities Grant Program

About this opportunity


IU Bloomington


Arts & Humanities Council,

Ed Dallis-Comentale, Director of the Arts & Humanities Council,


January 31, 2023

Award cycle:

Funding available:

$15,000 maximum

Indiana University is pleased to announce the 2022-2023 Global Remixed Arts & Humanities Grant Program. Formerly presented as a semester-long festival presented by the Arts & Humanities Council, the objective of this program is to advance diversity through community-engaged programming centered around global learning, international exchange, and IU ambassadorship.

This is a non-competitive program; proposals are considered on a case-by-case basis by the director of the Arts & Humanities Council and appropriate members of the council.


Applicant Eligibility

All Indiana University tenured and tenure-eligible faculty are eligible to apply. Those employed at IU but not on the tenure-track, whose evaluation criteria include research or creative activity, are eligible to submit proposals with acknowledgment of support from their department. Prior to applying, please contact Ed Dallis-Comentale, Director of the Arts & Humanities Council at

Project Eligibility

These awards are not intended for teaching or research purposes. Rather, they are intended to support the development and implementation of creative projects and exchanges on campus and in the community. Examples of projects include exhibitions, symposia, lectures, film series, and more. See the Global Remixed Arts & Humanities Program website for relevant examples.

The Global Remixed Arts & Humanities Grant Program is designed to support international exchange and learning, and student and community engagement. Applicants will need to demonstrate how their project connects to the engagement of world cultures and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion. Projects should also identify specific strategies for engaging students, campus organizations, and community groups.

Please reach out to the Arts & Humanities Council staff at to verify that your project is eligible to receive a grant.


Awards up to $15,000

The funding for this series will go toward the development of creative projects, such as an eclectic series of performances, exhibits, films, public lectures, and conferences dedicated to the global and contemporary impact of world culture. Funding may support performance costs (e.g. hiring performers, sound equipment); exhibit costs (e.g. shipping, packing); fees for monographs and article production (e.g. open access, indexing, and image fees); sound, film, and video editing/production; printing and design, and advertising.

Application requirements

All proposals must include:

  1. Project description written in clear language accessible to an interdisciplinary panel of reviewers, comprised of the following:
    • Background and significance of the project: please give context for the project, and articulate its significance within the wider context of the arts and humanities
    • Potential impact of the project on the field including expected audiences and sphere of engagement including campus and community groups
    • How the project engages in learning about world cultures and diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • Goals of the project
    • Work plan and timeline to accomplish goals
  2. Budget justification for funds requested, which should articulate for each category of expense the necessity of the budgeted items to the proposed project
  3. Completed budget worksheet (on online form)
  4. Biosketch or brief CV (limited to 3 pages)