About this opportunity




Alicia Gahimer,


Coming in January 2020

Award cycle:

FY 2019-20

Funding available:

up to $35,000

A key challenge in commercialization of university research results is the void between early stage research and a technology that is ready for the marketplace. Often, if there is potential for commercial development, the academic research may progress to a point where obtaining federal research funding is difficult because the work is too applied. However, this work is too early or risky from the market perspective, so obtaining industrial or venture capital support is likewise problematic.

The FORCES grant program supports projects that will facilitate or accelerate commercialization of the research outcomes for university-owned intellectual property. The goal of the FORCES funding is to break down these barriers to industry licensing of university technology or investment funding of start-up companies based on university owned technology. Funding is directed to the inventor for projects that 1) reduce an invention to practice (proof-of-concept), 2) fund development of a prototype for testing and evaluation, 3) develop more extensive experimental data for better patent applications, or 4) develop market relevant information to make an invention or copyright more commercially interesting to a company or an investor.


Eligible PIs

All full-time IUPUI faculty, including tenured/tenure-track, clinical, research and scientist ranks

Ineligible PIs

Faculty in visiting ranks



  • Project funding may not exceed $25,000 for a project period of six months, or $35,000 for project periods of up to one year.
  • Budget may include personnel (staff, faculty, and/or students), equipment, travel (necessary for the research), books, faculty release time, etc. Faculty summer salary or academic release time is limited to one month per person.

Not Allowed

Funds will not be granted for similar projects currently supported by other internal or external funding mechanisms at the campus or university level.

Application sections include:

  • Cover page
  • Abstract
  • Budget and justification
  • Project plan not to exceed three pages
  • References cited
  • Biosketch not to exceed five pages, include funding history
  • Letters of support from collaborators and department chair
  • IRB, IACUC, and/or IBC forms if applicable