Emergency Equity Fund for Research

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Bethan Roberts, facilitator,bwr@iu.edu



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Funding available:

Total funding for this initiative is limited to $400,000. Individuals may receive up to a total of $2,500. Costs must be well justified in terms of professional and financial need, lack of available alternative funding, and potential research impact.

As scholars at IU and elsewhere have documented, the shift to work from home has many people taking on increased domestic responsibilities, especially childcare and other forms of caregiving, resulting in a decline in scholarly and creative productivity. In response, IU Vice President for Research Fred H. Cate appointed the Gender Equity in Research Task Force. This call for proposals is the first in what will be a series of short- and long-term recommended actions from the Task Force intended to inform and address exigent issues of gender equity in research at IU.

This initiative will fund a limited series of research-related needs not already met by existing funding sources. The costs (as detailed in the application requirements section below) must be well-justified in terms of professional and financial need, lack of available alternative funding, and potential research impact.


Indiana University tenure-track faculty of all ranks (e.g., assistant/associate/full professors, librarians, scientists, and scholars), as well as full-time researchers (e.g., non-tenure track research faculty, research scientists, research associates, postdoctoral fellows, clinical, curators and artists) who meet all three of the following criteria are encouraged to apply:

  • a demonstrated financial and/or professional need;
  • are experiencing a negative impact on their research productivity as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic; and
  • have exhausted all other sources of funding to meet stated request.

Women and caregivers who meet these criteria are especially encouraged to apply.

Members of the Gender Equity in Research Task Force are eligible to apply.

Funding categories

Stop-gap Services for Pre-tenure and/or Pre-promotion Faculty: Funding to address loss of research productivity that could hinder tenure and/or promotion eligibility due to additional caretaking responsibilities and/or illness impact this academic year brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. This may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Caregiving subsidy—funds for caregiving, tutoring or educational pods to cover costs incurred above pre-pandemic caregiving or educational expenses for dependents. Requests for childcare or eldercare that can be covered through the IU Care.com Backup Care Services should be made only after this benefit has been exhausted.
  • Remote workplace caregiver subsidy—funds to accommodate one-time and ongoing work-from-home needs, with preference for pre-tenure and junior faculty.
  • Food delivery—funds may be requested to access food delivery in cases where the burden of addressing expanded caregiving responsibilities that are a direct result of the pandemic has a negative effect on research productivity.

Personnel for Research: Funding to hire personnel to support research. This may include hiring a research assistant or other hourly help to support research or to aid with course management to make time available for research.

Tools for Advancing Research: This may include, but is not limited to, statistical consulting, software to conduct research, purchase of data sets, remote access to archives or resources, and recording devices. Funds may not be used for the purchase of equipment that would normally be purchased by departments as part of a faculty member’s regular employment (for instance, most computer equipment). Requests will also be considered for professional academic association dues previously funded by sources no longer available due to the pandemic (applicants must specify prior funding source and why it is no longer available).

Write-up and Dissemination of Research: Funding to support the dissemination and publication of research when existing internal funding opportunities (i.e., Open Access Article Publishing Fund and Toward an Open Monograph Ecosystem Fund) are not available. This may include, but is not limited to, copyediting services, subvention or indexing fees, and fees for open access publishing.

Application and review requirements

A detailed budget narrative (maximum of one page), including:

  • the total amount of funds requested not to exceed a cumulative total of $2,500 per individual indicating from which funding category or categories listed above;
  • time period required to spend the funds and complete the proposed work;
  • if applicable, matching fund amount and source.

Please note: Due to IRS regulations, some funds may be classified as taxable to the recipient (e.g., food delivery, childcare, and other payments deemed to be personal benefits by the IRS). Funds classified as taxable will be awarded in the form of supplemental pay, and initiated via an Additional Pay eDoc. Whether paid directly or through a research account, review and compliance with the Accountable Plan will determine taxability (see Policy FIN-ACC-620). As with all IU funds, the disbursement of these funds must follow all current IU policies and procedures that are applicable.

A description for each of the five review criteria below (maximum of one page) is required. If all five criteria are not addressed, the application will not be reviewed.

  1. caregiving or other pandemic-related burdens that played a direct role in hindering research productivity;
  2. a clear plan of the nature, significance, and role of the funding in advancing or restoring productivity;
  3. summary of potential research outcomes;
  4. if applicable, how the pandemic has negatively impacted timeline for tenure and/or promotion (please specify);
  5. explanation of any alternative funds from your department or school that are not currently available.

Review process

Applications indicating having met funding criteria 1-5 will be evaluated through administrative review. Proposals will be reviewed until total funds are exhausted.



Note on intellectual property

The support provided under this program is Exceptional University Support, and any intellectual property works investigators create under this program are University Works or Patentable Intellectual Property owned by Indiana University. For definitions of these terms and for an explanation of investigators’ rights as Creators of such works, please see the Indiana University Intellectual Property Policy.