2021 Distinguished Faculty Research Lecture

2021 Distinguished Faculty Research Lecture with Bernice Pescosolido

April 29, 12 noon, via Zoom

"The Mental Health Moment: Stigma in the Time of COVID-19 – Progress, Problems and Prospects"

In this brief clip, Bernice Pescosolido describes mental illness stigma. Register for the Distinguished Faculty Research Lecture to learn more!

Description of the video:

[Woman wearing glasses seated in an office faces the camera]

Everybody I know has some little thing, some little thing that makes them

[IU logo and words Bernice A. Pescosolido, Distinguished Professor, Sociology appear in lower third of screen]

feel different, whether it's the shyness in their personality, the shape of their nose, the curve of their toes. Just some little thing that makes them feel a little different. What if you lived in a society where that little thing was separated out and marked as making you less than fully human. That's what stigma is. Stigma is the prejudice and discrimination that people face when they are marked as different in a society. People with mental illness face this every day. They face it in work opportunities, they face it in their family. One of the surprising things about the COVID-19 pandemic is how it has brought mental health to the fore. And not only raises the issue of the problems, but presents opportunities for us to take this on.

[Screen goes to black. IU logo appears at top, followed by words “Distinguished Professor Bernice Pescosolido discusses stigma and how it works in the 2021 Distinguished Faculty Research Lecture April 29, 2021”]

[Screen fades to all black]

The long-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic will likely take years to unfold, but one effect is already abundantly clear – the effect on our mental health.

Distinguished Professor Bernice Pescosolido will consider mental health issues and the stigma that surrounds them in her 2021 Distinguished Faculty Research Lecture.

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