Recertification Requests

Recertifying effort requests

In general, at IU, recertifying a previously certified and approved Indiana University effort certification document is not allowed. Effort recertifications may be allowed only in exceptional cases.

Read IU's policy on effort recertification under uniform guidance

To request recertification, a recreate request must be submitted (Accessible 02/18/19). After review of this request, additional information may be required, including principal investigator verification of employee effort.

Recertifications of previously certified and approved effort certification documents receive additional review by the Office of Research Administration and auditors. Changes to approved effort certification documents generate cost transfers and require detailed justification for audit purposes. Disallowances due to discrepancies on the effort certification documents are the responsibility of the department and will be paid from an appropriate non-sponsored account.

View Effort Certification Document Guide (Accessible 02/18/19)


Contact Tim Burris, Office of Research Administration Grants Finance and Operations Team at 812.855.0185 or via email at